For making 2 kg of chicken, mutton and veg biryani
for chicken biryani -

List of ingredients : 1 kg basmati rice (soaked in water for nearly 1 hour), 1 kg chicken 1 kg onion ginger garlic green chilli,mint leaves and corianderleaves paste 150gms, curd 200gms, 4 tomatoes,1/2 kg potato basic fried cut in 4 psc ,100 ml oil
Ashok khamkar biryani masala 50 grams,200 gms ghee,a pinch of saffron and 10 ml kevra water
apply the ginger garlic mix paste with curd and one tablespoon of Ashok khamkar biryani masala to chicken and let marinate for 1 hour
cook the rice with a table spoon of ghee and keep aside.
saute half kg onion with three tomatoes and the remaining biryani masala till golden brown in 100 ml oil and a table spoon of ghee, add the marinated chicken and potatos cook till thick gravy.deep fry the other 1/2 kilo onion till dark brown.
cut one tomato and one onion in slices and apply it to the base of a big vessel you want to cook biryani in
mix one tablespoon of ghee and kevra water with saffron and spread it evenly keep little bit of saffron and kevda water aside.
first layer of chicken and rice then a little bit of fried onions and kevra saffron water and repeating the same last layer of rice should be remaining fried onions and kevra saffron water and give a nice dum to the Biryani for half an hour covering the utensil with heavy lid

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